where creativity and practicality collide

ring the bells that can still ring Leonard Cohen I am a “creative type” in a role of practicalities, or so it seems. The at-hand tasks of what we will eat and wear are my mission and while I love to embrace the slow life, sometimes I get bogged down by the never-ending tasks. I don’t want to worry about vaccinations and dentist appointments, I … Continue reading where creativity and practicality collide

life inspired: we were here

we walked these streets like kings For round three of “what inspired me lately” I bring you the song We Were Here. We Were Here is by a Swiss pop duo called Boy and I can’t tell you anything else about them because I haven’t made it past this song yet. I heard this song on the radio recently and have had it on repeat ever since (ok, … Continue reading life inspired: we were here

the three-step reset

Some days at home are longer than others. When I start to feel like I’m caught in an infinite loop of dishes and dumped toys, I try to catch a second wind by doing a three-step reset. Step 1: Turn on some soul-nourishing music Here’s what I’m listening to these days. I’m in a bit of a United Pursuit rut, but I don’t mind. Will … Continue reading the three-step reset

oaty almond cookies

I’m in a bit of baking spree right now. I recently flipped through “Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break” at the public library which describes the Swedish custom of taking the time to enjoy your coffee along with a snack or baked treat (basically the best tradition ever). Since then I have felt quite justified, nay compelled in my desire to have a cookie with my … Continue reading oaty almond cookies

thoughts from the cave

Many fall down,    few return to the sunlit lands. C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair Greetings, friendly readers! Are you guys into the introvert/extrovert conversation? I’m pretty into it but I don’t like to admit it. On the one hand, it seems silly to try and categorize all people so diametrically but, on the other hand, it’s quite fun to talk about. For me, it’s … Continue reading thoughts from the cave

life inspired: the secret garden

“when you see a bit of earth you want,” he said with something like a smile, “take it, child, and make it come alive” A week or so ago I mentioned that I want to start posting about things that have inspired me lately. When I look around me (in real life or on the internet) I am often overwhelmed by things that are difficult … Continue reading life inspired: the secret garden

slow progress

just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming what do we do? we swim swim swim. dory   Its seems to me that my life, creatively speaking and otherwise, adheres to the seasons. Fall is productive and winter is… less so. As a stay-at-home mom, I find that having some sort of side-project gives me more focus and helps me to be more … Continue reading slow progress