the three-step reset

Some days at home are longer than others. When I start to feel like I’m caught in an infinite loop of dishes and dumped toys, I try to catch a second wind by doing a three-step reset.

Step 1: Turn on some soul-nourishing music

Here’s what I’m listening to these days.


I’m in a bit of a United Pursuit rut, but I don’t mind. Will Reagan and his pals have a way of writing exactly what I’m feeling in a way that encourages me to look UP at God instead of IN to my mind wilderness.

Step 2: Light some candles



For a quick home makeover, I like to clear the rubbish from my piano or mantlepiece. These are the pretty spots in our house that unfortunately get covered in all manner of things that we are trying to keep away from the kids. When I want to feel a bit better about the state of things (home-wise), I reclaim these spots and give them a baby-wipe dusting. Once clear, I light some candles and let them flicker me through the afternoon slump.

Step 3: Boil the kettle

When in doubt, boil the kettle like Mary-Joe; it’s sure to come in handy. What you do with the hot water is entirely up to you but I recommend a cuppa Joe for an afternoon coffee-break, Swedish style :p



To recap:

  1. Turn on some soul-nourishing music
  2. Light some candles
  3. Boil the kettle



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