slow progress

just keep swimming just keep swimming

just keep swimming swimming swimming

what do we do? we swim swim swim.






Its seems to me that my life, creatively speaking and otherwise, adheres to the seasons. Fall is productive and winter is… less so.

As a stay-at-home mom, I find that having some sort of side-project gives me more focus and helps me to be more efficient with my regular tasks. So to get out of my winter funk I’ve been trying to put myself to work but it’s starting to feel like a make work operation. Maybe because it’s a make work operation…

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your tires? I do. I feel that way RIGHT NOW as I am trying to find some words to go with these nice pictures.




One of my slow progress projects is that I’m trying to crochet up a super chunky ultra cozy cardigan. I haven’t seen a pattern quite like what I’m looking for so I’ve been trying to make one up myself. But it is quite difficult! And slow!

I bought 12 balls of Red Heart Grande yarn on sale back in December and then had to find the right size hook for ultimate drape, which didn’t arrive until the beginning of February. Mini crochet lesson: Upsizing your hook is a good way to achieve a more drapey fabric.

The yarn is very chunky and works up quite quickly, which is good because I have ripped out my work several times. I’m nervous that there will be some vital mistake that I won’t notice until the cardigan is finished- which is exactly what happened the last time I tried to make a cardigan. I had just sewn on the buttons and was trying my completed cardigan on for the first time when I realized that the side with the buttons was 4 inches longer than the side without buttons. That mistake is probably why I usually don’t attempt anything much bigger than a tea cozy so you could say this cardigan is an important step for me. Process is progress?

Keep swimming, friends.


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