quantity over quality, and other new year’s resolutions

This is the day that the Lord has made

I will rejoice and be glad in it.


Now that I’ve made it through my New Year’s funk and 2017 is chugging along nicely, I want to put down in writing some of my plans and goals for this year. What’s the name for that again? Oh yeah, New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. Eat More Salad. 

Unless the meal IS salad, I don’t make salad- it just feels like a nuisance. This year I’d like to change that. If anyone has any very delicious and EXTREMELY QUICK AND EASY salad recipes, can you please share them with me?

2. Focus on Quantity over Quality

This probably sounds weird and a bit anti-trend, but this year I’d like to edit myself less and just put all my creative endeavours “out there” without worrying about how good they are or what the response will be. My main ambition for this blog is to practice writing, so I think the best way to accomplish that is to do it more often. So hopefully, you can expect more posts but… they might not be very good. You’ve been warned. And as always, thanks for reading!

I guess that’s it. I don’t have any more New Year’s Resolutions this year.

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