ordinary days


The sparkly happy dust of Christmas has settled, and I’ve packed all my New Year’s gusto and motivation into 8 boxes and loaded it off to the thrift store. The holidays are over, and the reality of life and snotty colds and snow and cold is really hitting home. It’s official. I’m in a funk.

It seems to happen every year around this time (although I think this year it hit a bit sooner than expected). I become what I call “creatively frustrated” for lack of a better term. Antsy, discontented and with no focus. I can’t listen to music without feeling depressed that I will probably never be a famous musician (which has never actually been my ambition). I can’t scroll through my favourite Instagram feeds, usually such a source of enjoyment, without becoming depressed that I will probably never be a true artisan or crafter. It’s all a bit ridiculous, I know. I have all this creative energy leftover from Christmas and I feel like I should be working on some GREAT and AMAZING project of some sort but I don’t know what that Great and Amazing project should be. Hence the frustration.

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn’t a bad day, it was actually a nice, slow, and could-have-been-pleasant-had-I-been-in-a-different-mood day. But long. And just so ordinary. And…dare I say it… it almost feels like a swear word…boring. I was bored. Bored to tears almost.

My intentions were good. I sat down with the kids in the morning and made a plan of fun for the day- Play Lego, Wash Dishes, Bake Cookies, Eat Cookies, Go for a Walk, Eat Lunch, Two episodes of Paw Patrol, Colouring at the Table. But as it were, besides Eating Cookies, none of our planned activities turned out to be that fun for me. Some of them were even decidedly NOT fun. It was just a boring, antsy, funky kind of day.

And so it goes. I’m putting all this out there for no reason in particular. I guess as a confession of sorts? A resolve to go to my room and come out when I’m ready to change my attitude or something like that?

What do you think, do any of you ever get into a seasonal funk? And more importantly, what do you do to un-funk? Addison thinks it means I should stop drinking coffee, and I’m like WHHAAAAAAAAAAT??? That’s a crazy idea.

I guess I will start by looking at these pictures. Because really, it’s not such a bad life all in all.



I mean, seriously.
Come on, now


Ok, I’m better now.



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