30 things

I can’t wait until I’m all grown up

 because then I won’t be sticky.

Isaiah Lacasse


During my many perusals of internet articles and opinion blogs, something that I’ve picked up on is a general feeling of disdain towards my generation, the Millennials.

The internet is very critical of millennials and I take personal issue with some of these critiques, the first one being the claim that we’re soft because of all the participation trophies we received as children. This offends me mainly because I feel ripped off. I have never in my life received a single participation trophy and I participated a lot. Yes, there were a few participation ribbons but no trophies. And seriously, even as a child, I knew the difference- it was just a matter of knowing your colours. Primary colours= good. Anything else= not good.

The second criticism that I take issue with is the claim that we all need to grow up and move out of our parent’s basement suite. This one hits home (quite literally), and my rebuff is that you can be a grown-up and do all sorts of grown-up things while also living in your parent’s basement.

I think the #adulting hashtag phenomenon was born out of the Millennials need to prove to themselves and to the world that we really are responsible adults. So in that vein, I give you my own list of Thirty Activities that I Participate in Proving that I am Indeed, All Grown Up.

  1. Blow-drying my hair and using hair products I didn’t do this in my youth, so the fact that I do it now makes me feel much older and wiser.
  2. Registering my child for preschool Filling out those forms, dotting those I’s and crossing those T’s, I. am. a. grown. up.
  3. Signing chequesIt’s a powerful feeling. In that moment before I put pen to paper, I feel that I hold all the power in the universe in my fingertips.
  4. Vacuuming underneath my couch cushions Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes I lift ’em right up and vacuum right under ’em. GROWN UP!
  5. Using a spreadsheet My father would be so proud.
  6. Packing school snacks Thinking ahead. Considering things like shelf life and nutritional value
  7. Receiving my children’s colouring pages from Sunday school Saying things like, “Great job, honey! Let’s put it on the fridge when we get home!”
  8. Using an eyebrow pencil I know teenagers probably do this as well, but the point here is that didn’t when I was a teenager and I do now, which means… grown up.
  9. Driving a car and filling the tank with gas. Although usually I try and put this off until Addison does it…
  10. Updating my credit card information
  11. Pulling out the winter wardrobe for the whole familyIMG_7436.jpg
  12. Working in the garden while my kids play in the yard Just like my mama
  13. Making a meal plan (Breakfast for dinner, all week long)
  14. Making doctors and dentist appointments for myself and my whole family
  15. Paying my own dental bill Sometimes I don’t want to be all grown up.
  16. Putting important papers in a file
  17. Knowing the location of important papers In the file, of course!
  18. Calling my credit card company about a mysterious purchase
  19. Running Errands Everyone has errands but I think calling them “errands” is what makes this inherently grown up.
  20. Drinking Diet Coke I don’t do this very often but when I do I feel a strong sense of adulthood.
  21. Cutting my kids fingernails Attending to the personal hygiene of another human being is very grown up.
  22. Having a huge set of keys I have a huge set of keys! I only know what three of them are for. I have no recollection of adding so many keys to my key chain.
  23. Misplacing my keys I know this sounds irresponsible, but I think the fact that I often can’t find them is proof that I have an important set of keys to begin with. #grownup
  24. Cleaning the garbage out of the car My husband would probably argue that I never do this, but really honey, sometimes I doooo!
  25. Flossing my teeth. Nothing says, “I pay my own dental bills”, like flossing your teeth.
  26. Feeling sick after eating a hot dog. One remnant from my childhood is that I still really love hotdogs. Hard proof that I am quite grown-up is the fact that I feel sick after eating one.
  27. Thinking that I should go to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m still working on this one, but I think the fact that I’m thinking to myself “I should go to bed at a reasonable hour” shows how grown-up I am. Teenage me would never have thought that. Seriously, can you imagine a teenager or even a college student thinking or saying something like “reasonable hour”?
  28. Finding missing things when nobody else can. Yes, I do still lose things. But since becoming a Mom, I’ve also become great at finding things no one else can find. The secret is knowing that I’m the only one who throws stuff away. So I know that if I didn’t toss it, it has to be somewhere.
  29. Listening to the CBC Patriotic, dignified, cultured, and all grown-up.
  30. Turning 30 And you know what they say, 30 is the new 20. Which means I must be an adult now.


quantity over quality, and other new year’s resolutions

This is the day that the Lord has made

I will rejoice and be glad in it.


Now that I’ve made it through my New Year’s funk and 2017 is chugging along nicely, I want to put down in writing some of my plans and goals for this year. What’s the name for that again? Oh yeah, New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. Eat More Salad. 

Unless the meal IS salad, I don’t make salad- it just feels like a nuisance. This year I’d like to change that. If anyone has any very delicious and EXTREMELY QUICK AND EASY salad recipes, can you please share them with me?

2. Focus on Quantity over Quality

This probably sounds weird and a bit anti-trend, but this year I’d like to edit myself less and just put all my creative endeavours “out there” without worrying about how good they are or what the response will be. My main ambition for this blog is to practice writing, so I think the best way to accomplish that is to do it more often. So hopefully, you can expect more posts but… they might not be very good. You’ve been warned. And as always, thanks for reading!

I guess that’s it. I don’t have any more New Year’s Resolutions this year.

old technology I want my kids to know about

I got my first smart phone a couple months before my oldest was born, which means he has never known life without this multifunctional tool. My children take for granted that this little rectangle their mom loves so much is home to a camera, a photo album, a map, their grandparents, a messaging center, a gaming system, a flashlight, a music player, a toy catalogue, and much more all in one.

This irks me, so I’ve started collecting and compiling a list of things I want to collect to teach my kids about all the single-function gadgets I thought were so cool when I was a kid. For them but also for me because I still happen to think these things are pretty fun :).

So without further ado, here is Part 1 of Old Tech I Want My Kids to Know About:

1. Non-digital Photography


One day I think it would be really cool to develop film in an actual dark room, to show my little techies that photography has not always been so instant but since I’ve never actually done that myself, this old school Polaroid camera shall do. Now I realize this is still “instant photography”, but there is no screen to look at the pics right away, AND the photos actually take around 10 minutes to fully develop, AND (and this is the big ones) the film costs around $3-4 per photo- there will be no taking 300 selfies of your nostril with this bad boy.

Addison hunted this camera down for me for Christmas and it seems to be in working order but I’m just waiting until I have an awesome photo shoot idea to test it out because given the cost of the film each picture kind of feels like an investment! I can’t wait to share the results though 🙂 Not sure how I’ll do that though- I guess scan the photos into the computer? ORRRR I could snap a pic of the photos with my iPhone. Oh the irony. (I think. Is that irony? Or is it meta? I can never be quite sure).

2. A Clock-Radio


It’s a clock, it’s a radio. Two functions, that’s it. (incidentally, it’s actually very difficult to find JUST a radio). I love listening to the radio, the CBC in particular. I like that you just turn it on and you get what you get. There’s something sweet about tuning into the same live programming as people across the country, it’s like the original social media. I had not been able to tune into my favorite radio show for a while because the streaming feature on my phone app isn’t streaming properly, so RADIO was on my Christmas list this year. Addison hunted down not one but two old-school clock radios for me so we tuned in many a day over the holidays. I find that radio buzz quite comforting actually, and I hope my kids will come to think so too.

3. Calculator


Single function AND solar powered. I used to love playing with these when I was little. I would type in all sorts of imaginary calculations. The buttons are so much more satisfying to press than a touch screen. And what I really love about them is that besides spelling a couple cheeky words, you really can’t get into much trouble. No phone calls to China, no accidental purchases, etc.

4. Acoustic Piano



I will always prefer an acoustic piano over an electric- no matter how weighted the keys or authentic the sound. There is something about a real piano that makes a house feel more like a home.

When I teach piano lessons I love opening up the piano at some point to show my student how it works. It looks intricate and complicated but what it comes down to is just a hammer hitting a string. It’s simple and it makes sense to me, which is probably the same reason I gravitate to all low tech stuff.



That ends part 1. I will add more to the list as I build my collection 🙂

What would you add to the list? What low-tech or old tech gadget would you love to share with your kids?

ordinary days


The sparkly happy dust of Christmas has settled, and I’ve packed all my New Year’s gusto and motivation into 8 boxes and loaded it off to the thrift store. The holidays are over, and the reality of life and snotty colds and snow and cold is really hitting home. It’s official. I’m in a funk.

It seems to happen every year around this time (although I think this year it hit a bit sooner than expected). I become what I call “creatively frustrated” for lack of a better term. Antsy, discontented and with no focus. I can’t listen to music without feeling depressed that I will probably never be a famous musician (which has never actually been my ambition). I can’t scroll through my favourite Instagram feeds, usually such a source of enjoyment, without becoming depressed that I will probably never be a true artisan or crafter. It’s all a bit ridiculous, I know. I have all this creative energy leftover from Christmas and I feel like I should be working on some GREAT and AMAZING project of some sort but I don’t know what that Great and Amazing project should be. Hence the frustration.

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn’t a bad day, it was actually a nice, slow, and could-have-been-pleasant-had-I-been-in-a-different-mood day. But long. And just so ordinary. And…dare I say it… it almost feels like a swear word…boring. I was bored. Bored to tears almost.

My intentions were good. I sat down with the kids in the morning and made a plan of fun for the day- Play Lego, Wash Dishes, Bake Cookies, Eat Cookies, Go for a Walk, Eat Lunch, Two episodes of Paw Patrol, Colouring at the Table. But as it were, besides Eating Cookies, none of our planned activities turned out to be that fun for me. Some of them were even decidedly NOT fun. It was just a boring, antsy, funky kind of day.

And so it goes. I’m putting all this out there for no reason in particular. I guess as a confession of sorts? A resolve to go to my room and come out when I’m ready to change my attitude or something like that?

What do you think, do any of you ever get into a seasonal funk? And more importantly, what do you do to un-funk? Addison thinks it means I should stop drinking coffee, and I’m like WHHAAAAAAAAAAT??? That’s a crazy idea.

I guess I will start by looking at these pictures. Because really, it’s not such a bad life all in all.



I mean, seriously.
Come on, now


Ok, I’m better now.