sunrise fritatta


I must be a millennial (those millennials, amiright?) because I can’t make or eat something delicious without taking a picture of it. And even though I’ve talked about this dish before, here it is again. The Sunrise Fritatta, invented by moi, the solution to your break/lunch/dinner dilemma.

I’ve made this with several different kinds of meat- bacon, sausage, breakfast sausage, or as in the version below: salmon.

For this batch I started by thinly slicing new potatoes and red onions, tossing them with some oil and salt and pepper, then spreading evenly across my biggest pan, and placing them in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes. I have found the thinner sliced potatoes equals more delicious flavour, whereas if you do big chunks they can be quite bland.

While the potatoes and onions are roasting, I cracked 12 eggs into a large bowl, added a splash of milk or cream, and whipped them with a whisk until completely mixed.

After 10-15 minutes they were halfway done, at which point I took them out and added salmon fillets with a bit more oil and salt and pepper and put them back in the oven for another 10 minutes. I start checking the fish around the five minute mark because its easy to overcook it.

*Side note for all you budget geeks out there: it was a bit more expensive to buy the fillets rather than the whole fish but in my books the time saved is worth it, especially because I ended up splitting the fish over a few meals. The package of 9 fillets cost around $15, with which I made one batch of salmon chowder for a dinner with 5 adults, and frittata for 3 lunches for two adults.


While the fish was cooking, I sliced two tomatoes, and finely chopped some fresh herbs from the garden.

After the fish and potatoes were cooked, in a stroke of genius I took half out and placed them in a pot for a salmon chowder (perhaps a recipe for another time. Just kidding, I will only ever post fritatta recipes :p :p). Then, leaving the oven on, I broke the rest of the salmon up into smaller pieces and redistributed them across the pan, spread my tomato slices evenly on top, sprinkled the fresh herbs, then poured the egg mixture on top.

After a final sprinkling of salt and pepper, I put them in the oven one last time for about 20 minutes or until the eggs were fully cooked.



Once cooked, I slice my Sunrise Frittata into 12 pieces which usually works out to be 3 lunches each for Addison and I. I pop Addison’s into separate containers to bring to work and the rest into one big container for me to eat at home when I get sick of grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. I haven’t yet convince the kids to eat it but apparently frequent exposure is the key to getting picky littles to try new things, and that part I’ve got down.



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