what’s the rush?

With three kids under 4, I find this is a question I have to ask myself on a regular basis. When seemingly simple tasks turn into messy, multi-step processes interrupted by emergency diaper changes and spilled milk, I can get frustrated.

And when that happens I apologize to the kids, slow down the old tick-tock of my internal clock, give myself the old “what’s the rush?” pep-talk, and change my expectation from “this should be quick” to “this should take a really long time.”



Recently I started up a little Etsy shop as a hobby and experiment to see if I could turn a little bit of yarn into a little bit of profit. I started with one listing and plans to add more but what with life moving at a breakneck pace, galloping into summer, tearing through head colds, the implementing of new laundry systems, spring cleaning and decluttering, pizza making and basic survival (you know, life being life), not much progress has been made. Life is like that, you know. Sometimes it gets in the way. Of… life.

I’m embracing slow progress because even though it can feel like stagnation, nothing really stands still ever and that’s actually why I’m not making any progress :p Slow progress= life progress.

Anyways, I made this scarf as a potential summer item to add to my shop. There’s not much to it, more style than warmth, so it should have been a quick project but it actually took me several weeks because of… life. So that’s all good. Maybe eventually I’ll perfect the pattern and list it in the shop but for now, I’m enjoying the slow life and adding a pop of Serenity Blue to my gray outfits.


One thought on “what’s the rush?

  1. Yup! I always have to tell myself, “There is nowhere you need to be”… except for those times when we do need to be somewhere… those ones are a little tougher but I’m working on it. 🙂


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