the wall

Because I love house tours I assume everyone does, so I think I shall give you a little tour of mine. In small doses. Corner by corner as small sections are tidy enough to photograph.

I will begin with what is affectionately known as (by me, starting now)



Moving from Left to Right, we have a motivational painting by me (not pictured: the letter T as in TODAY! as in don’t procrastinate), a Vancouver map by Ork Posters, a sweet Vancouver alley print by Jon Shaw, a black and white etching by my talented cousin from her art school days (Cara Bain), some old photos of my grandpa’s fishing boat, a caligraphy of a Bible verse, a painting by Addison’s hairdresser in the Yukon, Addison’s old Yukon Territory scooter license plate, a print by a Yukon artist whose name escapes me (still in the packaging because Ikea doesn’t sell frames in that size :p), and our favorite wedding photo.

And a pink water bottle which I inexplicably didn’t think to move for this photo.

I guess The Wall is our rebellion against the minimalism trend. I’m a bit of a maximalist when it comes to pictures. Maximalist is fancy for I like LOTS of pictures (haha, anybody else reading Fancy Nancy these days?). Everything here has some sort of significance to us, the unifying factor of all the pieces being that we like looking at all of them.


One of my favourite features of the mantel is the three treasure chests which we have collected from here and there in which we store the kids tiny toys (plastic animals, peg people, letter magnets). I really like the concept of “hiding” toy storage throughout the house; gotta be creative with space in the city, amiright?



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