In my Father’s house are many mansions…

John 14:2

blue house.JPG



We live in a wonderful neighbourhood in East Vancouver and on long walks I entertain myself by looking at every house on the street and deciding which I like best and what it would be like to live there. “I would put a vegetable garden right there” or “That corner is where I would keep my chickens” (Hypothetical chickens, of course. I’m not really an animal person) or “I would drink my coffee on that patio every morning.” 


My favorites are the classic old houses. The ones that are impossibly small and have somehow managed to survive the developers and bulldozers that are changing our city so rapidly. The homes you can tell someone has lived in, cared for, and loved for years by the elaborate network of vegetable gardens, clothing lines, and boulevard takeovers.

I also love the run down ones- the rental units that an unengaged landlord has passed from tenant to tenant, or the REALLY run down ones that are in all probability some kind of grow-op. These ones give me endless entertainment because every time I walk past them I mentally make them over one tangled mess at a time. I tear down the junk-filled shed and build a new one, I trade out the chainlink fence for a cute picket fence, I clear the yard of weeds and plant veggies in tidy boxes. Mentally it is a very rewarding process.

Some houses are so intriguing on the outside either structurally or style-wise that I am dying to see inside. I love house tours! One of my favourite things is going to someone’s place just after they moved in because usually they will offer a house tour. I guess I’m nosy but there is just something really fun about seeing the layout, the decor, the function, and the anomalies. One of my childhood friends lived in a house that actually had secret passageways you could crawl through. It was incredible. Just yesterday I visited a friend whose guest room had stairs leading up to a rooftop patio that overlooked the whole city. Amazing. Our neighbours have a fireplace on their patio! So cool.

This all feels like a lead up to something meaningful, but really I’m not sure where I was hoping to go with all this banter. But at least now you know how I feel about houses (I love them). Please give me a house tour next time I come over.

Tell me, how do you feel about houses?



One thought on “houses

  1. I love seeing your pictures of East Van! We lived in a few weird/quirky East Van houses when I was growing up (including one that used to be a grow-op!) I love walking through neighbourhoods in early evening when it’s just starting to get dark and people have their lights on but haven’t pulled their curtains shut yet so you can get a little peek inside. I loved house hunting for this reason too.


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