pardon our mess + a recipe

Our house is always messy and it drives me crazy.

I’ve never been a tidy person, so I don’t know why now, when the odds are more against me than ever, I have subconsciously decided to have a strong need for things to be shipshape. I crave control in the face of chaos.

Children are perpetual motion, spinning to bedlam. Unless you constantly chase after them with a broom, dustpan, mop, micromanagers from the lego movie, spray bottle filled with anti-stain solution, some tissue, and a damp facecloth,  your house will definitely look like it got hit by a perfect storm of Duplo, snot, and peanut butter in about 10 minutes. And this is barely an overstatement.

The problem is, I can’t always chase my kids with all the aforementioned supplies because I need to do other things like nurse my baby, or look at Pinterest , erm meal plan for my family, so I leave the whirling dervishes to their own devices. But there is always a price to pay.

Like right now, for example, I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this post while Mabel sucks on an orange slice and the other two are doing who knows what in the playroom (I did just give a half-hearted direction to put the lego away- so that’s totally happening).

The fact is, I’m a really slow writer but I’d like to be faster. So as training, I’m trying to see how fast I can whip off this post while racing against the Clock of Total Disaster; to just write and not care how mundane it is. I also really don’t want to wash my dishes.


And speaking of dishes; If I ever put my big girl pants on today, I will make a batch of this giant frittata for a week of breakfasts.

I’m stoked about this recipe because I kind of invented it. First, roast sliced potatoes (sliced into rounds like scalloped potatos, with some chopped up breakfast sausages, and a sliced red onion at 350 for 30 minutes. While it’s cooking, whip up a dozen eggs with a splash of cream. Take the pan out the oven, pour the egg mixture over, add a few tomato slices and some salt and pepper and put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes.

Cut into 12 pieces, put some in the freezer and some in the fridge for a few days worth of breakfast or lunch. It’s also a great potluck dish because nothing jiggles if you have to transport it somewhere.

Ok, I’ll end there. It’s time for me to put my micromanagers into action.


2 thoughts on “pardon our mess + a recipe

  1. I love your writing! I too have never been particularly tidy and I feel bad about it quite a bit of the time, especially since I’ve become a stay-at-home mom. (Like, what do I do with all my time???) But I’m coming to terms with the idea of a “reasonably clean” home and that a happy, fed, and rested child is probably more important. That said, I vacuumed yesterday and was ridiculously pleased with myself.


    1. Thanks! I enjoy your writing as well! Haha, I have been known to give myself a high five and “way to go, Bethi” after finishing a load of dishes 🙂 and my goal for housekeeping is generally just “not gross” 🙂 🙂


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