good anchorage

“I am in very good anchorage here. Well supplied, and want for nothing.” Jane Austen, Captain Harville in Persuasion The above quote is from one of my favourite moments in all literature. It is the penultimate scene of Persuasion; the protagonist, Anne Elliot, is deep in discussion with Captain Harville, the close friend of her estranged love, Captain Wentworth. It is a very important conversation … Continue reading good anchorage

cozy culture

A dog-eared classic novel, a leather bound journal, your favorite mug, and, of course, a pot of steaming hot tea. All enjoyed under an autumn throw on a paint chipped deck overlooking the mountains and your neighbour’s vegetable garden. It’s one of those moments. The English language can’t quite sum it up, but the Dutch word “gezellig” captures it nicely. According to “gezellig” is a crucial part … Continue reading cozy culture